How to Go Live with StoreBuilder

    January 31, 2022

    It’s time to launch your StoreBuilder store, and show your products to the world!    


    At a minimum, you will want to fine-tune your store design, add all your products and team members, work out your shipping and taxes, and link your credit card payment gateway.  

    Depending on the complexity of your store and your processes, there may be other steps you will want to complete before you take this step.    

    Creating coupons, working out emails, setting up analytics, and many other options are available. If curious about these tools, the dashboard and video tutorials provide a number of options you may want to explore. And when you are ready, we make it easy. 

    So far, you have been building your store on your temporary URL. Now it is time to implement your real store name, the one you want your customers to use to access your store on the internet. This is commonly known as “your dot com” domain.    

    However, you don’t necessarily have to have a .com URL.  We love .co, .biz, .club…  all of these are called TLDs (Top Level Domain), and we don’t care what TLD you choose. The point is to find an online home that your customers will remember and enjoy.   

    You’ll have to purchase this name separately from any domain registrar you like.    

    You can buy one from Nexcess, but you can also use whatever registrar you wish to use. Common domain registrars that you might be using include Name Cheap, Hover, GoDaddy, or Domain.   

    Your domain registrar will have instructions on configuring your name servers. Look through their documentation to find out how to update your name servers and set them to the following:   


    Note: It may take between 24-48 hours for this to update across the internet.   

    Once that time period has passed, you can now use the “Go Live” Option in the dashboard to complete the transition.

    Clicking on “View nameservers” shows you the nexcess nameservers. You can double check your domain register information against these addresses.    

    Before you go live, you will want to confirm your DNS records are pointing to this site. If you are unsure if your domain is pointing to the correct address, check out this article:    

    How to edit or add a CNAME DNS record to go live with your site.    

    When you are ready to “Go Live” and repoint your domain to your StoreBuilder store, enter your domain name in the green box.

    When you put in your domain name, the system will display another option.


    We want to ensure there are no problems with your transition, so our system runs a quick check to make sure your store will work as expected.    

    And it will allow you a chance to Skip DNS Record validation. Clicking the checkbox will skip validation, and only should be used if you are using advanced DNS techniques.     

    One Last Thing   

    On rare occasions, you may find some pages don’t show your real store’s name after those 48 hours. If that happens, please reach out to support, and we will do one final flush for you to make sure everything looks right. You could do it yourself too, but you have a team on your side. We want you to focus on growing your business -- we’ve got you covered on the technology.   

    That’s it! Your store is live online. Send your new link to a friend and celebrate!  

    For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our support team.

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