How to improve Magento maintenance mode

    October 8, 2019

    How to improve Magento 1 maintenance mode by modifying  the index.php file to allow access to a range of IP addresses. 

    Magento’s maintenance mode allows you to restrict customer access to your store while performing site maintenance. Unfortunately, it also freezes you out of the store. Add the following code to your index.php file to allow you to work on your site while everyone else sees maintenance mode.

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    1. Open index.php. Above line 64, add the following and include the IPs to retain access to the site in the "allowed" array:
      ip = $_SERVER[’REMOTE_ADDR’];
      allowed = array(’’,’’);
    2. Locate and change the line:
      if (file_exists($maintenanceFile)) { to
      if (file_exists($maintenanceFile) && !in_array($ip, $allowed)) {
    3. Save the file. 

    Cloudflare method

    If using Cloudflare, add the following code to you index.php file instead:

    allowed = array(’’,’’);

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