How to Use StoreBuilder

    June 16, 2020

    Our new StoreBuilder feature (currently in beta) will allow customers to start a new WooCommerce store with available and relevant content. Storebuilder will help customers to quickly design a website without any design experience and start selling products on it.


    Currently, the StoreBuilder feature will be available for beta testers. It is also possible to enable the beta flag by using a constant in the sites wp-config.php file. If your account is already set as being beta then there is no need to have to add the beta tester constants into the sites wp-config.php file.

    define('NEXCESS_MAPPS_BETA_TESTER', true);

    In order to be able to use the StoreBuilder features then you will need to make sure that plugins like Classic Editor or Disable Gutenberg and not active on the site, the same goes for using a filter to disable the block editor.

    Getting Started with StoreBuilder

    You will notice the admin dashboard nag in wp-admin for the StoreBuilder. Click on the Set up my Store! Button in order to start.

    By working through the options presented in the StoreBuilder wizard will help you get the type of site content created. When you’re done the Store Builder app will create a store designed just for you. It will create a customized home page, related pages, and then import some relevant sample products into your store.

    Now click on the Create my Store! button.

    You can exit the modal and the pages and products will already have been created. The StoreBuilder admin dashboard nag will now no longer show.

    Leaving Feedback

    Beta feedback to board can be left from Dashboard > Beta Feedback

    Restarting StoreBuilder

    If you want to run StoreBuilder again from the beginning. You can do so using this WP-CLI command:

    wp option delete _storebuilder_created_on nexcess_mapps_storebuilder_industry

    You can also reset a demo WooCommerce store using this plugin. To reset the demo site then you will need to click on the menu item in the admin toolbar. 

    The default WooCommerce pages related to cart, checkout and my account will now be deleted. Those pages can be created from WooCommerce > Status > Tools.

    The default WooCommerce installed pages can also be created again using this WP-CLI command;

    wp wc tool run install_pages --user=1

    Now get out there and build some stores!

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