Using DeployBot on the Nexcess Platform

    April 23, 2020

    DeployBot makes it easy to deploy code and adds structure making it easier for a team to deploy.

    Getting the relevant information

    The following information is needed to set up the DeployBot connection using SFTP. The pieces required are:

    • hostname

    • username

    • password or SSH key

    All of this information is available on the Nexcess portal dashboard.

    To use the SSH key authentication, select “SSH Keys” from the top right menu.

    (For additional information on adding SSH keys, click here)

    Set Up DeployBot

    Create DeployBot account

    Set up an account at DeployBot (if you don’t already have one) add a new repository. Since you’ll be setting the server path later, you can choose a specific theme, plugin, or selected folders inside the wp-content folder (using a .gitignore file).

    Authorize GitHub account

    Connect DeployBot to your GitHub (or BitBucket, or other service) account where the repository is hosted. 

    Connect repository

    Select the repository that you want to connect and enter the requested information.

    Set deployment method

    Under the “Files” subheading, select “SFTP” as the deployment method.

    Enter the information we saved from the Nexcess dashboard. You could deploy a theme, plugin, or an entire site. 

    For a plugin, the server path would look something like this: 


    Confirm connection and deploy

    When properly set up, the connection should display green. You can test a deploy by using the “deploy” button on the top left. Also, using the [deploy] tag inside of a commit message will trigger a deploy automatically. 

    Additional documentation and guides:

    Once you finish the deployment you know the connection is setup and all future deploys will be much easier. Happy shipping!

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