Using Jilt with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

    Jilt ($348 / year, free for you) is included with all Standard, Growth and Enterprise plans of Managed WooCommerce at Nexcess.

    All online store owners face potential lost revenue due to cart abandonment. We are very proud to offer Jilt integration with Managed WooCommerce hosting at Nexcess as a way to address this problem, and we believe it will increase your store conversions and help you bring in more revenue. With Jilt, you can send personalized recovery emails encouraging your customers to complete their purchases. You can also establish an automatic schedule and then analyze these emails, to see which ones have the most positive impact on your business.

    Jilt(a $348 / year value, free for you) is included with your Managed WooCommerce store as part of all Standard, Growth and Enterprise plans. After you have taken your Managed WooCommerce store liveemail to have one of our WooCommerce specialist activate your complimentary access to this powerful tool for abandoned cart recovery and more. 

    Then, follow the instructions below to activate your account.

    Doesn’t that sound great? Now let’s get you started with Jilt. 

    The initial Jilt integration will be completed by your WooCommerce specialist in Nexcess support. You will receive your unique credentials as a part of this process.

    1. Once you have received your credentials, log into Jilt.

    2. Your easy-to-navigate Jilt Dashboard will look like this:

    3. Once logged in, it’s time to create your first campaign. This will let you recover abandoned carts in your store. You can decide how soon you email someone after they’ve left their cart behind, and how many times you want to email.

    4. Not sure how you want to set your first campaign up? No problem! Jilt offers templates, so you can get started quickly and learn as you go.

    5. Once you have created your first campaign, customize the emails to your potential or current customers.

    You can review the documentation from the creators of Jilt here.

    Ready to get started with Jilt and WooCommerce? Contact Nexcess support at to have Jilt activated on your Standard, Growth or Enterprise plan. Not hosting your WooCommerce store on Nexcess yet? See our Managed WooCommerce plans and try a risk-free migration today. Boost your revenue with our value-added bundles and get access to our 24/7/365 WooCommerce experts. 

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