How to Use the WooCommerce Automated Testing Feature

    November 23, 2021

    Nexcess has your back! The WooCommerce Automated Testing feature can proactively keep your website more reliable by identifying issues to fix daily for you!

    How to Use the WooCommerce Automated Testing Feature

    Making sure your WooCommerce store is working correctly can be a pain -- manually testing all the essential features on a daily basis is a chore that almost no one wants to make time for. The thing is, testing is mission-critical for e-commerce sites, and staying on top of the results can mean the difference between success and failure. 

    Nexcess has your back. 

    We include WooCommerce Automated Testing at no additional charge for all Managed WordPress and WooCommerce sites. This feature will allow you to focus on selling your products without having to worry whether a customer can add a product to your cart, whether your checkout is loading as expected, or whether the product is purchased from your site. Even better, it’s all automatic and it just works. 

    To access the new WooCommerce automated testing feature that is provided for free on your Managed WooCommerce plan you will need to be in wp-admin:

    Nexcess > Dashboard > WooCommerce Automated Testing

    The tests that the WooCommerce automated testing feature will run on your Managed WooCommerce site are the following:

    • Customers can log in
    • The cart page loads
    • A single product page loads
    • The main shop page loads
    • A customer can add a product to their cart
    • A customer can reach the checkout page
    • A customer can checkout as a guest
    • A registered customer can checkout

    The tests will run daily on your site and then will display in the WooCommerce automated testing page in wp-admin. WooCommerce Automated Testing will not affect your store’s inventory since it uses a hidden product for testing. Payment testing will use the Stripe test payment gateway so it will not cause any impact to your store reporting or revenue.

    The WooCommerce automated testing feature can be enabled and disabled in the Nexcess dashboard.

    Nexcess > Dashboard > Settings

    Resources for More Information

    Need more help? The Applications > WooCommmerce sections within the Nexcess Knowledge Base are important resources for those seeking additional knowledge. Or, check out our links and related articles below.

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