How to transfer files using WinSCP

    October 7, 2019

    How to set up Windows Secure Copy (WinSCP) to securely copy files to and from your Nexcess hosting account.

    WinSCP allows you to securely upload and download files to and from your Nexcess server.  Use the method below to set up 

    1. Download WinSCP and install the application.

    2. Start the application. When the login panel appears, click New.
    3. Click New.

    4. In the WinSCP Login panel:
      1. From the File protocol drop-down list, select SFTP.
      2. Go to the Hostname field and type the server name, for example,
      3. In the Port number field, enter either 22 or 24. If your username resembles an email address, enter Port 24. If it does not, enter Port 22.
      4. In the User name field, type the SSH username.
      5. In the Password field, type the password provided by Nexcess.

    5. You will see a warning to notify you that you are connecting to a remote machine. Click Yes.
    6. WinSCP will connect you to the Nexcess server and you will see two panes. You may now copy files to and from your server by click-and-dragging files from one pane to the other.

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