How to configure your local email client

    July 25, 2021

    Basic settings for use with IMAP and POP email clients and links to detailed instructions for many popular choices.

    What you need 

    • Login information for the email account associated with your client.  If you do not yet have an email account set up for your domain, refer to How to create email accounts in SiteWorx.

    • The IMAP and POP3 configuration settings and the Nexcess mail server information provided in your Nexcess Welcome Email. If you cannot locate this information, contact the Nexcess support team.

    Basic configuration settings for all clients


    You must use your full email address for your username, not just the section before the "@." For example, the username for would be

    Incoming and outgoing mail server

    If you use a shared or dedicated server, use the server’s hostname; for example,,, or Do not use any other domain that has a DNS record that points at the mail server or your domain; for example,

    If you use a server cluster, Nexcess recommends using the DNS instead of the server’s hostname for the sake of simplicity. If you prefer to use the server’s hostname, contact the Nexcess Support Team for assistance.

    Account type

    Nexcess recommends IMAP protocol over POP3 protocol because IMAP generally possesses all the advantages of POP3 and none of its disadvantages. Refer to Email protocols IMAP versus POP3 for more information.

    For IMAP, use port 993.

    For POP3, use port 995.

    SMTP setting

    Use port 587 for the SMTP setting on all email clients.


    Nexcess servers do not support non-encrypted setups. When specifying the settings for the incoming and outgoing server, select SSL/TLS encryption for incoming and STARTTLS for outgoing. 

    Client-specific information

    For specific installation instructions regarding your particular client, select the corresponding link.

    For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our support team by email or through your Client Portal.

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