How to edit or add an A host DNS record to go live with your site

    June 25, 2021

    In order for your site to go live on your plan, you will need to first either use the Nexcess nameservers — meaning you could then edit the DNS entries directly in the portal which also comes with other benefits — or you will need to edit the A host record for your site domain. 

    If you log in to the portal of your site you will be able to find the server IP that your site is being hosted on. This IP address will be the record value that you will need to update in the A host DNS record of your domain.

    Where your site domain is registered will depend on how you registered the domain. If you are using GoDaddy you can follow this guide. If you are using Namecheap for your domain then follow this guide. If you are using Namesilo then follow this guide. And finally if you are using Hover for your domain then follow this guide

    Copy the new server IP into the A host record of your domain manager for your site domain and then you will need to wait for the DNS record change to propagate. DNS propagation can take 5 mins or it might take as long as over an hour. It all depends on what the time to live (TTL) is set as on the domain.

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