How to configure the Nexcess CDN with WordPress and CDN Enabler

    December 10, 2019


    Using a content delivery network (CDN) will allow site images and assets to be served from the CDN point of presence nearest to the customer. This will improve load times for your site. 

    Step 1: Install CDN Enabler

    1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.

    2. From the admin panel, select Plugins > Add New.

    3. In the Search plugins field, enter “CDN Enabler.” In the CDN Enabler section, click Install Now.

    1. When installation completes, click Activate.

    Step 2: Configure CDN Enabler

    1. From your WordPress admin panel, select Settings > CDN Enabler.

    2. In the CDN URL text box, type your EDGE CNAME (https). For example,

    Attention: Learn how to create CNAME URLs with Edgecast CDNs here

    1. Click Save Changes.

    Step 3: Configure Autoptimize

    If you are using the Autoptimize plugin on your site, you will need to update the CDN Base URL. This allows Autoptimize to serve minified CSS and JS from the CDN.

    1. From your WordPress admin panel, select Settings > Autoptimize.

    2. In the CDN Base URL text box, type your EDGE CNAME (https).

    1. Click Save Changes and Empty Cache.

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