Enabling Redis Object Caching

    For Your Managed WordPress or Managed WooCommerce Sites

    Object caching can improve database query performance both on the front-end of your site as well as in wp-admin.

    Redis object caching is enabled by default on all new sites. We automatically install the WP Redis plugin to do this.

    Check that your sites wp-config.php file has the Redis socket connection info present in it. If not this will need to be added after the first PHP tag;

    $redis_server = [

      'host' => '/var/run/redis-multi-a824a124.redis/redis.sock',

      'port' => '0',

      'database' => '0',


    Note: If Redis object caching is not present on your site you can enable it by making sure the WP Redis plugin is installed and active. The plugin can be installed from wp-admin or using a WP-CLI command.

    wp plugin install wp-redis --activate

    Also check that the object-cache.php drop in file exists in your sites wp-content folder. 

    The WP-CLI command to run to add the object-cache.php drop in is;

    wp redis enable

    Flushing the object cache will clear out the Redis object cache for your site this is the same as say clearing the page cache, but in this case it would be just for the object cache. To be able to flush the object cache you will need to run this WP-CLI command from terminal or Putty on your site server;

    wp cache flush

    It is also possible to flush the object cache from the admin bar on your site. Click on the flush object cache section under the Newcess logo in the admin bar. This will clear the object cache from your sites server.

    If you need any help with Redis object caching on your Managed WordPress or Managed WooCommerce sites please contact support.

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